Amours Imaginaires – Bang Bang

Tonight I happened to watch the movie Heartbeats (Les Amours Imaginaires), a Canadian film by Xavier Dolan (2010).

I was immediately taken by the use of slow motion, color and interview dialogues. Then, the song “Bang Bang”, over a slow walk of the main woman character made bang bang in my mind! Kill Bill, I said to myself!

Yes, soon I YouTubed it and found the first scene of Tarantino’s Kil Bill Vol1, in which credits go by just after the Bride has been shot by Bill.

Only here the song is performed by Dalida in Italian, and it’s more or less the same period of the version used by Tarantino (sung by Nancy Sinatra). The original one was performed by Cher in 1966.

Enjoy the voluptuous scene in its glory (it’s a triangle love story, BTW):

And this is the first colored scene, in passion-red out of calm sensuality, with Bach’s cello: it’s so erotic and powerful, it screams. There are two other “colored” scenes like this, in blue and yellow.

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