Some myths in education 2.0

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Some myths in education 2.0 (that I’ll need to address asap).

  1. Socrates: “I cannot teach anyone, all I can do is make them think”.
    The myth of the relativist. But my definition of teaching is to make somebody think. Duh?
  2. The future we cannot describe / the jobs we cannot imagine, etc.
    There is this old meme which comes around. We’ll have tomorrow jobs we can’t even imagine today. So? It’s always been like that, hermano.
  3. Paying attention & learning: what’s the fuss?
    Danger lurking: the myth of learning within the classroom. Another version:
  4. After learning this & that, they memorize only 36.4%.
    OMG, this is terrible. If you don’t remember, you haven’t learned it, sorry.
  5. Learning styles?  Wheeler: “There are as many learning styles as there are people” (2009)
  6. The image of a person (preferably, a girl) while listening/reading on her iPod with earphones. And the label: “xxx learning anytime anyplace”. Come on!
  7. The identity education == learning, without using the word “to study”. In fact, interesting is that in George Siemens’ book Knowing Knowledge, said verb is not mentioned at all.

    Keep in sync with the gorgeous Zen of Teaching, where all this is taking shape.

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