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On Tuesday, June 12th I had the pleasure to lead a workshop on my project “Zen of Teaching: Myths of Teaching, Learning & Technology” within the NMC 2012 Summer Conference at MIT. What a tremendous, awesome experience!! I had a group of twelve plus a sweet couple of the competent NMC staff, including the awesome Samantha Adams and Victoria Estrada, who took notes of everything, tweeted and later published it. The group was really fabulous, lots of questions and discussions over the three hours of the workshop. It did help me focus on my research and provided valuable feedback which I’ll incorporate into the website/book zenofteaching.us.

Here is (not the latest version of) the presentation: http://slidesha.re/zenofteachingus.

Here is a workshop summary done by NMC’s Victoria Estrada.

[NOTE added 1 Feb 2018: The one above is one dead link caused by the NMC’s demise, late 2017. Luckily, the Internet Archive has one copy (https://web.archive.org/web/20120627063707/https://www.nmc.org/news/summer-conference-recap-zen-teaching), or else I would doubt the existence of said summary.]

Here is a brief video in which I reflect on the most important thing of the workshop, by Samantha Adams:


Last, here you can check a daily digest of all days of the conference. [NOTE 2018: This link is also dead, see above NOTE. The Internet Archive does have a copy–herebut unfortunately the pages listed of daily summaries are broken links without a saved copy 🙁]

Finally, here you can find the Storify summary of my workshop. Enjoy and participate!!


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