Another (Catholic) case against MOOCs.

On A Catholic Case Against MOOCs by Jonathan Malesic (Chronicle of Higher Education, September 16, 2013).

The continuing discussion pro and against MOOCs produced (one year ago) a piece like this, where the case was made of a beneficial disconnect between MOOCs and Catholic schools (at least in the US). Interesting case, and strong language and thought. You can agree without being Catholic!

Catholic universities can be true leaders in higher education. Instead of following the hype, they can reassert the belief that education is a moral enterprise that develops human dignity and promotes social justice.

MOOCs not only fail to accomplish those goals; they undermine them. And if large Catholic universities pursued strategic aims through MOOCs, they could end up pushing smaller Catholic colleges, including ones sponsored by the same religious orders, out of business, weakening Catholic higher education as a whole.

“MOOCs not only fail to accomplish those goals [promoting ed as a moral enterprise etc.]; they undermine them.” I wonder whether this may stop possible developments and temptations on the route to MOOC-ifing Higher Ed at my own University.

Instead, we need “Massively Better Courses”!!

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