Power of Photo and Hair

A glimpse of this iconoclastic photo triggered today a remembrance of how much I liked Helmut Newton’s powerful photo style in the 80’s. Now, I’m reminded of the model, Elsa Peretti, whom was a top-model at the time and is now a celeb in the high-fashion jewel-design business in New York. But, thanks to some googling, I’m also pushed into that lost world of not only photography. And I dig other Newton photos. And suddenly I see that in that not-so-cleansed-up-world, we (meaning men and women) were not afraid of hair; au contraire, they were -as they always have been- a forceful erotic charge. But, in the present times of refusing human odors and hair, we westerners somehow lost something.

DRAGON: Helmut Newton / Elsa Peretti,

See this other Newton’s photo, for instance, so expressive and true.

Portrait of Violette, Paris 1979, Helmut Newton.

From the Australian Art Auction Records

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