Opening the Ivory Tower

I had a great time at the Faculty Resource Network’s 2014 Symposium, last week’s Friday and Saturday in San Juan, with talks from John Sexton, NYU’s President and UPR’s and Sagrado’s Presidents, both current and emeritus.

My own presentation was well received: Opening the Ivory Tower: Global Higher Ed Entails Openness. The coincidence being that CNN had just broadcast a documentary on the state of US Higher Education (which I hadn’t watched, by the way). The Symposium’s focus was on the Global Imperative for Higher Ed, and I simply showed that the global imperative can happen if and only if Higher Ed changes into Open education, with Open standards and, most importantly, and Open Ethos. Watch the presentation, where I actually borrowed heavily from my heroes Jim Groom, Gardner Campbell, Alan Levine et al. I just connected a couple of dots.

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