Love You

It’s just fitting to finish the year 2014 off with a good-spirited animated GIF. I had a flash of this moment from Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981), when a cute girl blinks on a baffled professor (Harrison Ford), just to reveal a nice “Love You” written on her eyelids. A perfect little scene for a GIF.

Not the best resolution, but I couldn’t grab a film copy, so I had to make do with YouTube.


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3 Responses to Love You

  1. I liked the report and assume you have more such
    material? If so, so please post it as it’s somewhat unusual for me in the present moment,
    and not only for me, that is my own view.

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato says:

    Hey Jim, thanks! Mine is too low-res, but as soon as I get a good dvd…

  3. jimgroom says:

    Inspired, fine, fine choice for a GIF. I also love this one from Raiders: 🙂

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