Higher Education Innovation & Open, Connected Learning: Back To The Future

Yesterday June 22nd I presented at Virtual Educa 2016, here in San Juan my paper titled “Higher Education Innovation & Open, Connected Learning: Back To The Future“. Here is the Slideshare presentation.

In the f2f presentation, I decided not to bore attendants with the details of the 6 Principles from the Connected Learning Alliance or the Mozilla Manifesto (& why I ended up including them!) on reclaiming the Web and Internet as a humankind resource. I did emphasize the importance of the Open Web and of this legal document (see photo) from 30 April 1993, when the Web protocols were put into the public domain by CERN. That’s the idea we have to defend today, and to me, that is still the essence of the Web spirit. And that’s where “Back to the Future” comes from (in my mind, at least).

23 years of a free, open Web. CERN.

23 years of a free, open Web. CERN.

Also, I added a little recipe to make the portal-like structures I do in all my courses now (generously borrowed from the noble work of such warriors as @jimgroom, @cogdog, @brlamb, @gardnercampbell not to metion @audreywatters) in which I casually recommend a certain reclaiming company to do the magic. (Preacher, behave according to what you say. Disclosure: I am yet to move my own domains there. )

Last, it occurred to me there is a striking resemblance between the Moodle and Facebook interfaces. So I am going deeper with this to see where this hint leads me, but it’s not a good beginning. See for yourself:

moodle screenshot

facebook screenshot

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