The Last Living Person on the Planet

It’s the title of a lovely song from Nacho Mastretta. It was originally sung by the wonderful voice of Gema Corredera, but her version is audio only on YouTube.

Here I have two versions. But before enjoying them, I want to share the fine irony of this song’s lyrics. Read this:

El último habitante del planeta
Contó el dinero y se tomó su tiempo
Pensó gastarlo todo en una noche
Para qué lo iba a guardar

Primero ver qué estrenan en el cine
Después mi restaurante favorito,
Buscó en su agenda con una sonrisa,
Para ver a quién llamar

In English:

The last living person of the planet
Counted his money and took his time
He thought to spend it all in one night
Why would he keep it

First let’s see what they premiere at the movies
Then my favorite restaurant,
He searched his contacts with a smile,
To see who to call

Every time I listen to it I can’t hide a smile. In these times of surreal new normal, this is perfect. The first version I propose is quite nice and sung by Milagros Almeida (with Pablo Bronzini at the piano ), and well recorded.

And second comes the version I prefer, with the enigmatic presence of Marlango’s Leonor Watling (from Almodóvar’s Talk To Her/Hable con ella), together with Mastretta. The audio is damaged, and it’s really a pity.

via GIPHY (From Talk to Her)


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