A Whole Class Worth of Postcards

At last I’m publishing today the last big batch of postcards arrived here for the #care4sagrado series. This one batch is quite special because they all come from one class in one institution: the College of New Rochelle (New York State) where my friend Dr. Lynda Shand teaches.

I began receiving one or two nice white little cards with a flower printed in the front, where the stamp goes. C10-fronteNice messages on the back. Then two or three more. Same kind. In one of them the message contained “…from Dr. Shand’s class”. I honestly did not connect the dots at the time. Then it struck me. New Rochelle, Lynda.

Then we were hit by the massive posting. A bunch of cards got here on the same day and I had no doubt. I checked Facebook (I am not fond of checking in often, lately) and here I am, some time later. I said to myself. Let’s wait for the last day of class and then post (on this blog) all the cards from her class together. Which I’m doing now. Well, it will be a very image-dense post, this one!
How to say thank you to all the students (and the professor) who thought of us and wished us some good vibes?? We appreciate it, it means a lot. But of course you are Nursing students, so you have it in your DNA, to assist, be empathetic, to care.THANKS, and may the good season festivities bring peace to you and to us!THANKS also to Lynda and the Faculty Resource Network, through which we met. Hope to see you soon!n m l k j i h g f e d c b a          C10 C9

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