Patti Smith & Instagram: Memory From 1979 in Florence.

Here is one post sprung up when I searched Patti Smith on Instagram. She’s also a photographer, after all. And her music and work mean a lot to me. But this does not seem genuine. I think it’s the work of some fan, since there are almost no photos taken by her, and it’s mainly a collection of portraits of her. And no work of her as a photographer seems to appear there. Still, it’s a nice collection, worth seeing.


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I was in Florence 1979 with a bunch of friends and my sister too. And we lived her first concert in Italy in full with a huge expectation–hey, I was twenty, and I would do it again! Took a short train ride from Rome and slept cramped like eight in one hotel room. Got to the stadium so early, as soon as the gates opened, and we found a good spot on the grass, where we spent the afternoon. Began in the evening with Gloria and ended with Twist and Shout. It still reverberates through my mind. I know, I’m using whatever excuse to post a video of Patti singing Gloria.

I did various searches for photos of that concert, but found only few available online. One is the featured image of this post. Another gives the idea of the people amassed at the stadium.

Firenze, 10 settembre 1979: in attesa del concerto (dalla fotogalleria su

Firenze, 10 settembre 1979: in attesa del concerto (dalla fotogalleria su “La Repubblica –”). From

Both photos are republished on the article 10 settembre 1979: il concerto di Patti Smith e la fine dell’innocenza. Un ricordo from

My own photos–I shot many–are probably at my mother’s, or unfortunately lost.

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  2. Giulia says:

    I was there and it was great to

  3. Cindee VanDusen-Thomas says:

    I, too was at that concert! 1979 Florence Italy. I was an Exchagee living in Rome. Took a train with an Italian friend to Florence. Patti was revered in Italy. Wild concert! Mob scene to get to tha grassy area in front of the stage, people trampled. We made it to the grassy area. Patti put on an angry, crazed show! The audience ate it up and so did I! I ended up separated from my friend and staying the night in the Piazza Della Signoria.

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