Seminario Virtual de innovación educativa / Online Seminar on Innovation in Education

The past 14th April Bernabé Soto organized and moderated a great opportunity to share on Education innovation: The Seminario Virtual de Innovación Educativa, an online videoconference with a few friends and students as speakers (including myself). Below is the full video recording (over 3 hours, in Spanish). The program was:

Jorge Colón JusinoGamificación: El arte del juego en el aula
Gamification: The Art of Gaming in the Classroom.

Antonio Vantaggiato (that’s me)–Innovación en la universidad: de vuelta al futuro con Web & educación abierta
Innovation in the University: Back to the Future with Open Web & Education.

María Esther Cabral Torres (Paraguay)–El desafío de emprender con la Marca Personal
The Challenge of Making with a Personal Brand.

Sahyly Santo BarbosaSistemas de hipermedia adaptativos: alternativa tecnológica para el aprendizaje adaptativo
Adaptive Hypermedia Systems: Technological Alternative for Adaptive Learning.

Daniel Navarrete (Peru)– ¿Cómo es una experiencia formativa docente para una sociedad digital?
How must a teacher training experience be for a digital society?

I enjoyed being part of the Seminar very much! Jorge (a student of the MA in Edtech & Instruction Design and a student in my course of  “Learning Environments“, did very well and his talk sort of matched mine when I asked why our courses don’t open up spaces for students’ creation, like it happens with fanfiction or self-generated documentation-producing forums like those of World of Warcraft?

María Esther was impressive in her story about the entrepreneur culture in Paraguay as it is connected to education (they held teacher training for over 20,000 people!!), while Daniel, part of the movement known as Knowmads (initiated by pioneers Cristóbal Cobo & John Moravec of the Knowmad Society) talked about design thinking, disruption and edtech, showing an impressive project for teacher training in Peru.

Last, my friend Sahyly talked about her PhD research in adaptive hypermedia and showed it is time we invest some serious efforts into it at our university. It’d be nice to end up with one collaborative project uniting all or some of these ideas.

Bravo Bernabé (now head of Distance Education at Interamerican University, Aguadilla) for a great organization and of course, the initiative.

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