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Sudden remembrance of Jacques Prévert’s poems

Remembering Jacques Prévert’s poems that I loved when youngster. Chanson Quel jour sommes-nous Nous sommes tous les jours Mon amie Nous sommes toute la vie Mon amour Nous nous aimons et nous vivons Nous vivons et nous nous aimons Et … Continue reading

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The Moon

The stars about the lovely moon Fade back and vanish very soon, When, round and full, her silver face Swims into sight, and lights all space –Sappho The full moon of these days prompts me to revisit my old memories … Continue reading

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Things don’t exist if we have no words to name them

“Le cose non esistono se non abbiamo le parole per chiamarle.” From his novel Le perfezioni provvisorie (in English: Temporary Perfections; in Spanish: Las perfecciones provisionales), a detective story, Gianrico Carofiglio quotes a few gems, that I want to share … Continue reading

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Impressioni di Settembre

Oh, if there’s one song that means to me being 15 it’s PFM’s Impressioni di Settembre, the Impressions of September with Moog and pop bursting from all pores. Originally from PFM (=Premiata Forneria Marconi, which goes more or less like … Continue reading

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Loud Prayer

While watching for the nth time The Last Waltz (at least the song segments that I love most), I remained in awe while Lawrence Ferlinghetti came up on the stage to read his poem Loud Prayer. It reminded me of … Continue reading

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