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Where Do I Come From?

In this TED video, Jim Holt, philosopher and author of the book “Why Does The World Exist?“, which I read and loved, says that the God solution to the title riddle is a bit unsatisfactory. Thus, he proposes an intriguingly … Continue reading

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No Critical Thinking, Please

Thanks to Martha Burtis, who just visited our STEMmED project here in San Juan, I learned that, in a masterpiece of nonsense, the Republican party of Texas issued he following interesting point in its 2012 platform: namely, the abolition of … Continue reading

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Banks and numerical literacy?

Should a bank know about digits, dollars and cents? Yes it should. Yet in this case we find that, at least those who design and proof a deposit slip, don’t really know. We may say it doesn’t really matter, but … Continue reading

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Learning without studying

Welcome to Popling – The Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Anything Without Studying App Of course one can learn without studying. Running a bike, skiing, talking. But this, I cannot believe. A spamming window that interrupts you while working/studying (sic!) … Continue reading

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The English-speaking Empire

Intellectuals of today, especially when coming from the English-speaking world, are not so versed in languages as they were a few decades ago. Some tend to understand only their own English-with few exceptions (for instance, eastern Canadians tend to be … Continue reading

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