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#OER20: Caring for the Open Web As The Higher Ed Territory Par Excellence

Hey, welcome to my presentation for the 2020 edition of OER Conference. Session description and all is here (

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It’s the economy

The long pronounced mantra of current economies is that to survive in the disruptive digital world, one would need to Lower the number of workers Increase the content they produce. Or, maximize per-worker productivity. Which has a few corollaries: cut … Continue reading

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Brexit: A Melancholic Goodbye

I was 17 and for the first time out of my own city and country. I was in London, summer 1976. I do remember Trafalgar and Soho from that stay. A month-long stay that my parents had planned to have … Continue reading

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Learning and Discovering: From Paper onto the Web

I love wandering through the Web. And I have a pretty standard routine reading every day the mainstream press online. It’s basically four titles: El Nuevo Día (, Puerto Rico’s main newspaper; La Repubblica (, Italy’s most important (together with … Continue reading

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Manhattan (the film) and 2020

Well, it’s a new year. I’ve been watching a few Woody Allen films, lately (on the home screen), and I shot photos at some frames worth remembering. Thanks to subtitles, I got a scene’s context and dialog. I thought these … Continue reading

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