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Inspiring Webs

I have been following John Naughton’s blog Memex (the title being a link in itself to the mother of all hypertext machines) for a while, for his recommendations and acute, to-the-point observations, his articles on The Observer, and so on. … Continue reading

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The magic of dreaming and the power of imitation

Two episodes describe the magic that happens when you get inspired by something and rush to work on an imitation process—on something that you want to go after. Such episodes may change your life. In my case, there are two episodes plus one. Also, an homage to John Conway, mathemagician, RIP. Continue reading

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delicious Zeitgeist 30 August 2019

Substack Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter. It’s free and you can add paid subscriptions whenever you want. tags:newsletter tools delicious subscription content Indico – Home tags:event organization collaboration opensource open tools delicious CROWDLAAERS … Continue reading

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delicious Zeitgeist 27 August 2019

New-Age Bullshit Generator Wonderful generator of new-age bullshit. tags:bullshit generator delicious Cicero – Serving presentation slides written in Markdown tags:presentation slides markdown serving delicious slideshow tools Drag and Drop a document tags:tools annotation annotate hypothesis documents delicious Gloria (2013 – … Continue reading

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delicious Zeitgeist 10/22/2018

[I tag “delicious” on diigo all the items from my web skating that deserve to be shared here. They get auto-posted on draft. I edit the drafts and join a few of them at a time. Voilá.] This time we … Continue reading

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