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The magic of dreaming and the power of imitation

Two episodes describe the magic that happens when you get inspired by something and rush to work on an imitation process—on something that you want to go after. Such episodes may change your life. In my case, there are two episodes plus one. Also, an homage to John Conway, mathemagician, RIP. Continue reading

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The riddle 50% of Harvard students got wrong

Does it mean they are stupid? No, it actually means they are not pondering the question. Instead they get distracted by intuition and do not get to see there is a deeper sense to the problem. The problem itself, devised … Continue reading

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So, Is Algebra Necessary?

So, Is Algebra Necessary? I mean, in School. In the real world it often is, but sure not always. The famed Quadratic Equation problem shows something many mathematician know: Quadratic Equations Are Not For The Masses. Yet, neither are Literature … Continue reading

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