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The English-speaking Empire

Intellectuals of today, especially when coming from the English-speaking world, are not so versed in languages as they were a few decades ago. Some tend to understand only their own English-with few exceptions (for instance, eastern Canadians tend to be … Continue reading

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Myths of Teaching & Learning: Dr. Oblivion

Now I would like to dedicate this post to a certain Dr Oblivion, who stepped out of one David Cronenberg film to play the Deus Ex Machina of the current revisitation/implementation of the infamous -but contagious- MOOC Digital Storytelling course … Continue reading

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The man who screwed an entire country

This speaks for itself. However, what about all those who actually voted for him and his fake party? What responsibility shall they carry for the disaster? Because they will surely deny any. This is one of the rotten things about … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Kennedy’s story(telling)

At a certain point of the first season of famed TV series Mad Men, there is a little video segment of Jacqueline Kennedy’s ad in Spanish for her husband’s 1960 presidential campaign. All she says, including the fear of Communism, … Continue reading

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State of Siege ~ Estado de sitio

The sad situation of the University of Puerto Rico and in general of the neo-liberal ideologies around the world remind me it’s incredible that the peoples have actually voted for Governor Fortuño, like they had for Berlusconi, George W. Bush … Continue reading

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