1. I love lists. Time Magazine has issued one big: The All-Time 100 Novels. Available is also the original review. Readers’ first choice is Nabokov’s Lolita. It seems oblivious of non-English literature. So we should start and seek lists of All-Time novels for other tongues. Or, perhaps, start compiling a ALL-TIME ALL-TONGUE 100 Novels Big List.
  2. Time also publishes a list of All-Time 100 Movies. It’s fantastic, a great guide to rent movies!
  3. They also have a list of the 50 Coolest Websites.
  4. However, the real gem and joy of this post is the following, last. 43 Things you want to do in your life! Participate. It’s indeed a wonderful tagged list.
  5. Actually, there’s more. I just happened to review again Bernie Dodge’s great blog (One-Trick Pony), and there I found again another gem: the map of the countries in the world that you have visited! It’s World66, and it merits a visit.

In fact, here you may see… my map of the world!

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