New tools

A few new tools capture my attention & imagination. First Ning, a tool to create social apps on the Internet. Like what? Sharing whatever, for starter; keeping track of good restaurants in the area, polling your audience about books or “all things stupid”. Its seems an excellent site/tool: you start with cloning one of the already-made apps and change it, add features, etc. The book-related apps, for instance, enjoy the Amazon API connection, so every book entered is immediately accessible via Amazon.

The second tools is a useful, simple and free poll utility: Through it one can create, administer and review/analyze polls and their results.

Finally, a tools that will deserve a later post, since it is a big development. I’m talking about Second Life, an on-line simulation environment which may be populated by personae (residents) and their activities. Residents do things (buy land, for instance) and use resources (like money, both simulated and real). Residents can also teach and learn! The New Media Consortium is investigating this promising environment, so I’ll follow this up, and have a run at it.

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