Computer as Condom

Computer as Condom by Seymour Papert
In this 2002 article published on the Bangor Dayly News, Professor Seymour Papert discusses with a certain humor how to teach best. He draws from a lesson on “teaching as creative problem solving” he was given by a Thai man who (successfully) teaches villagers in remote areas to use condoms. PapertHe compares this man’s “lesson” to a regular sex education class and adds that the method itself is

about opening minds to learning everything.

Papert is famous wordlwide as a researcher and expert in applications of technology to education. He is also a “mathematician and is a cofounder with Marvin Minsky of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT and a founding faculty member of the MIT Media Lab, where he continues to work. Papert collaborated for many years with Jean Piaget at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.” (From

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