Teaching the Machine

Each time we forge a link between two word we teach the Machine an idea.

These were the words of Kevin Lelly on WIRED 13.08 (August 2005), on an article aptly titled “We are the Web“. These very words are creatively pointed out in the brilliant video mini-tutorial on the so-called Social Web or Web 2.0, and wonderfully titled: The Machine is US/ing us. Watch it (courtesy of YouTube). The video if from Michael Wesch who is an Ass’t Prof of Anthropology at Kansas State U, and it just made it to the top video list in technorati.
The symbiosis is quite clear. La simbiosis es clara, obviamente.
To watch the video means understanding immediately the relationship between posting a blog and issuing an RSS feed. This is why I call it a great tutorial. With some poetics, too.

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