Poor children

The Guardian reports interesting and sad data on children well-being in rich countries: British children: poorer, at greater risk and more insecure. The full report is from the UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Centre, Florence, involved a study of 21 countries, and can be downloaded here.

The main reported findings are:

  1. The US and UK are the two lowest-ranking countries in 5 over 6 dimensions: Material well-being, Educational well-being, Family and peer relationships, Behaviours and risks, Subjective well-being.
  2. There is no obvious relationship between GDP and children well-being.

This information is self-explanatory, and very sad. The middle ages are in the western hemisphere too, after all.

The Netherlands and Sweden come first (good lesson!) Spain is 5th, Italy is 8th, and France (ugh!) is 16th, in the lowest third.

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