Values of n

values of n is a software group who has clear ideas on how to develop good programming for the people. “Software so elegantly implemented it becomes an extension of the person using it.”

Their first product, Stikkit,

is the very essence of simplicity over complexity, flexibility over rigidity, connection over competition, pragmatism over perfection.

In effect, Stikkit works as a background information manager, with little yellow sticky notes. It allows one to save personal data in postIt-like notes which are then interconnected. It allows to plan and share whatever one may need (a meeting, some notes) across platforms, even with people who do not have Stikkit. Stikkits also impressively “receives” e-mail notes, so one can simply cc or bcc a message to Stikkit and have it saved in the note manager. They call it “the little yellow notes that think”.

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Professor, web2.0 enthusiast, and didactic chef.
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