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Teacher Quality

While reading the book Mindware. Tools for smart thinking (link to review) by Richard Nisbett, I came across a couple of nice paragraphs worth citing. Nisbett is reasoning on incentives and discusses the effects of the so-called loss aversion (humans … Continue reading

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Sentiment data from Twitter and Google Trends

Great day of class, last Wednesday. It deserves a short summary, which I am publishing here. The basic idea for the class was the exploration of sentiments around a place, using Twitter. First I showed my students that Twitter admits … Continue reading

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The World Is Flat

Welcome to the new Skate header! I’ve been thinking about this shot for some time, because I realized Blake Edwards came out with the idea of The World is Flat much before Friedman. The Party, a film with a brilliant, … Continue reading

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Southern Voices

Strange week, a bit more relaxed than the previous. Readying up for my New York stay in June (later post on that). Finishing up my courses: I am putting together some stats because I want to see and show how … Continue reading

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How the Internet sees me

How does the Internet see you? “Personas” by Aaron Zinman from the MIT Media Lab shows your aggregated online “identity” after some natural language processing, producing a very interesting art effect. This is a screencast of mine hold at … Continue reading

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