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Strange week, a bit more relaxed than the previous. Readying up for my New York stay in June (later post on that). Finishing up my courses: I am putting together some stats because I want to see and show how well my students behaved this semester, at least with their blogs and with some video too.

Interesting stuff:

Santia Velázquez began posting anew in her nice blog Technohints, after one year! Go Santia, wow! And talking about openness!

Then, a few friends are congregating in Vancouver right at this moment, and I can’t be more envious. It’s the band of Digital Storytelling DS106 radio, with mastermind Jim Groom and a few other whom I’d love to meet sooner than later: Brian Lamb, Alan Levine, Grant Potter, Mikhail Gershovich,  Scott Lo, D’Arcy Norman,  GNA Garcia, Zack Dowell. They are going to present #ds106radio4life: How Open Web Radio Will Change You at Northern Voices 2011. It’s at 2:30PM tomorrow, Saturday 14th May 2011, Vancouver time, so it will be 5:30PM here in the wild East. I loved the radio experiment but had to withdraw from it actively, since I had that fabulous grant to submit. Which I did: So I hope to rejoin the radio while in NY during June, with some live commentaries and perhaps interviews on the research I’ll be doing. Go Jim, GNA, Brian, Mikhail and all!!! And behave!

Ah, and I’m so happy at the thought of perhaps seeing GNA & Jim soon, in NY!!

What else for today? I do love blogging, and now I am discovering a new dimension at it, which was a bit lost to Twitter.

The two YouTube heroes have bought delicious. So be it, I’m happy and am sure they will pursue some exciting developments. In a few weeks they already have produced the Firefox 4 add-on. I still love Delicious in its simplicity, over all the rest. Even when I’m using Diigo (which I do every time I need to save a bookmark. So what’s the deal about Delicious? It’s about the simplest interface when you want to search or browse bookmarks. And that blue color, also. What ways can a perfect service be improved upon when it is working so well in one thing? Making it do three things, like Diigo? I don’t know.

Twitter bought TweetDeck. It’s fine, but I don’t like the tweet augmentation it allows, because it compels me to follow one click too many, and also because, well, tweets are supposed to be 140 chars, right?

Oh, and I have to prepare for my Give it Away tenure (Martha Burtis-style), which must come soon!!

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