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STEMmED People Make Me Proud

Make me proud of the joyful collaborative spirit that produced eight years of extraordinary life. Well, it’s time now to fold our dear project STEMmED (STEM EDucation) which has been running since 2009 in two editions separated by one year … Continue reading

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Sentiment data from Twitter and Google Trends

Great day of class, last Wednesday. It deserves a short summary, which I am publishing here. The basic idea for the class was the exploration of sentiments around a place, using Twitter. First I showed my students that Twitter admits … Continue reading

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Southern Voices

Strange week, a bit more relaxed than the previous. Readying up for my New York stay in June (later post on that). Finishing up my courses: I am putting together some stats because I want to see and show how … Continue reading

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Hoosgot… the answer?

Dave Sifry, blogger and photographer has a nifty new twitter/blog crawl mashup called Hoosgot (Who’s Got?). Simply place a request with Hoosgot (with the keyword… ‘hoosgot’ followed by the actual words) and use the power of what has been called … Continue reading

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Wolfram Alpha’s humor

Not only does Wolfram Alpha give us all the data one may expect (Life expectancy, number of car accidents, unemployment, etc.), but it also has the sense of humor to answer such tricky questions like: How many roads must a … Continue reading

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