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The world of 100

Thanks to Dolors Reig (El Caparazón) I discovered this: If the world were a village of 100 people… Beautiful information design from Toby Ng Design.

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Animated maps with data mined from the Web

Image via Wikipedia I found a couple of fascinating examples of the use of data repositories over the Web. Both deal with Walmart’s spread all over he US, since its opening. The first example uses freebase as the data provider. … Continue reading

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Micro-charts & infographing

More on Excel in-cell graphing: Juice Analytics Juice Analytics plays with the concept of in-cell graphs for Excel. It is really a fascinating, and beautiful effect, as well as quite informative. To do this…  simply put a formula like “=REPT(“|”, … Continue reading

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Xtremely Drug Resistant TB

XDRTB.org Xtremely Drug Resistant TB. Watch the video: it’s real. From photographer James Nachtwey the shocking story of a deadly new strain of TB, caused by untreatment. XDRTB: TED Prize to photographer James Nachtwey more about “2007 TED Prize Winner … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy: Los intelectuales + influyentes de iberoamérica

LOS 50 INTELECTUALES MÁS INFLUYENTES DE IBEROAMÉRICA | Foreign Policy Edición Española La edición española de Foreign Policy publica una lista de los 50 intelectuales de iberoamérica. Puedes votar por cinco intelectuales y hasta proponer tres candidatos. En la lista … Continue reading

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