Micro-charts & infographing

More on Excel in-cell graphing: Juice Analytics

Juice Analytics plays with the concept of in-cell graphs for Excel. It is really a fascinating, and beautiful effect, as well as quite informative. To do this…  simply put a formula like “=REPT(“|”, 25)” in one cell, and you have 25 vertical bars. They say that, when formatted in 8 point Arial font, you get quite a good infographics!

However, BonaVista, a company in Germany, has done better: they created the so-called sparklines micro-charts. The Excel add-on can be downloaded here: http://www.bonavistasystems.com/DownloadMicroCharts.html.

An excellent and woderful blog to know everything on information visualization is Information Aestethics (“where form follows data”), by Andrew Vande Moere, a faculty member at the University of Sydney. There I learned about the stuff in this post.

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