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Meditating on a new app or the iPhone (one that shows how the iPhone may shift things by an order of magnitude, ie. if you thought you were buying a phone, you’re wrong!), Alan Levine (CogDogBlog) says (about youngsters in Japan):

None of them mentioned a computer or a lap-top. They don’t have/own/use one because of the capabilities of phones (and networks, 3G is old news) in Japan. The computer is a foreign device to this group of young people, leapfrogging us, the keyboard generation, as they are technologically connected people– without a computer (this is ignoring what they will do when they get to a workplace that has those old machines).

The Computer is disappearing, my friends, as I was saying all along.

Ferrán Adriá of El Bulli was saying he is developing a new vocabulary in his kitchen. New vocabulary means new language… this is perhaps the greatest and most pervasive forms of innovation.

So, what new language are these technologies developing?

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