Wednesday at the Seminar

Reporting, again, from the action at NYU’s FRN Seminar on Online Learning with Dr. Kim…

Interesting and lively discussion today, when we took some time to deal with simplicity of design, complexity of instructional topics and the general trends in North American university education (perhaps at times paternalist and infantile?) Jim Stenerson from Pace University says he believes in the KISS paradigm (Keep It Simple, Stupid!), which I may not always follow in the design of my courses, mea culpa! I try and incorporate complexity in course design (up to a certain cognitive load, but one is never too sure of when the threshold has been reached, is one), because I want to obtain intentionality of action from my students, especially if they are adults. However, I need to consider my courses might be a little (just a little :-)!) overloaded!

In the continuation of yesterday’s presentations of learning environments, Richard Parent from the University of Vermont (read his blog Digial Digressions showed us, the latest brainstorming and concept-mapping Web2.0 service. I liked it, especially when the presenter showed its ease-of-use and immediacy. His students like mapping with this tool concepts they read in literature, and the tool itself makes them eager to do so. Nice tool, indeed.

Richard also talked a little about Thinkature, a more sophisticated (and complex) tool to brainstorm and take (and share) notes within a common workspace.

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