Pink Martini!

How delicious the Pink Martini concert was yesterday night at Carnegie Hall! Delicious is the right word, since this Oregon 12-memberHey Eugene! band has a very good musical background and really can play the music! Pink Martini are directed by dounder and pianist Thomas Lauderdale and singer-diva China Forbes. They have an impressive repertoireof styles from the 40’s on that includes cha-cha-cha, salsa rhythms, blues, and what else. Yesterday they sang the beautiful “Someone to Watch Over Me” with Jimmy Scott’s ethereal voice. Great. Here is a video of their celebrated Sympathique (they sing in many languages, including French!). The woman in this song says she doesn’t want to work, doesn’t want to have lunch, and oh, she smokes.

This other one is the latin rhythm of Amado Mio, a song first presented in the Rita Hayworth film Gilda. Enjoy!

Their latest album is called Hey Eugene! Its title song asks Eugene, a boy China met at a party who pursued her phone number and flirted with her, why he never called her back. Does any of this ring a bell, Eugene? She says.

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