Google 10

A few days ago Google made 10 years old! In just ten year Google changed the face of Search, and of the Web. They won’t do evil, they say!

So, Google just unveiled its Presentations technology by adding it to the already well-stocked arsenal of Google Docs. I have been using G Docs for a while and I love it! Some minor details may be worth adjusting, but as a whole producet G Docs seems a great must-use! So, I just started the Presentation feature..: here’s my Blogs presentation, which I made public just by pushing the Publish button. There, people may join the presentation online and chat with others also viewing the presentation.

I also enjoyed the g-guys latest maverick, a collaborative video on gmail!  They asked people “to help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. All it took was a video camera, the Gmail M-velope ( ), and some creativity — and, wow,” this is it!

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