links for 2007-10-29

  • Web 2.0 Summit

    ALL on the Web 2.0 Summit, from The Times (London). Excellent coverage. See article on Web 3.0 (the so-called Semantic Web) and beyond. Another on Facebook: The website’s chief executive says Facebook is decades away from being a mature platform.

  • This note from should get published automagically from itself. How? In your account follow Settings :: Daily Blog Posting and set the parameters. Then, as soon as you post a new link, it will get posted along with the notes at the convened time of the day. Love delicious! 🙂. Now the post gets filed inder the special category “delicious”, but I would like to produce an “aside” and put it in the right-hand column.

  • Anyhow, it seems great to save a bookmark on delicious and at the same time, to post about it. So, the link gets a new life: often a conventional delicious bookmark stays forgotten under the snow for long. I hope this strategy serves also the purpose of saving a trail of bookmarks while they’re being generated, together with their annotations.
  • Last, for the time being I discovered I have to edit the automated post if I want a longer annotation, but I’m still not sure whether I must do it this way.

  • Tags: where do they come from? From delicious!! So, I have synchronized bookmarks with posts, and the clock’s tic-tacs are tags! Have I?

    (tags: Web2.0 Web3.0 summit delicious)

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