Large Hadron Rap Helps to Understand Particle Physics

The physics of particles may be difficult to grasp, but this rap eases things somehow. In the occasion of the next inauguration of the Large Hadron Collider (it’s real) at the CERN lab (where the Web originated) in Geneva, Switzerland, the next 10th of September, the 23-year-old Kate McAlpine did her research and wrote her already famous Large Hadron Rap. In this music video she explains what happen when proton beams collide within the 27-km long underground ring. The video is fun, was shot within the ring and all this science will certainly rock your head, together with these particles.

Some pessimists say, though, that the collisions might generate a tiny but harmuful black hole within the accelerator. It can in turn eat up the whole Geneva and all the Earth surrounding it!

Just joking! But it can happen!

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