Why Google Chrome?

elearnspace: Why Google Chrome?

Why Google Chrome?

G. Siemens asks the good question, today: Why Chrome?
I posted earlier a comment on Mario Nuñez’s post on Google Chrome, saying that I was fearing the emergence of a G-monopoly. No matter how good may a service or a company be, the power of monopoly will corrupt it. Worse, it provide us with a Faustian bargain, and compel us to use it “in exchange with a simple online experience”; as Siemens adds, “How much longer can Google innovate the web before it crosses over to controlling it?” Soon this may happen with cellphones, too.

Things are not at all linear, however, because Google’s initiatives (and innovations) are hopelessly useful, sexy and well-designed. Now, Google supports Mozilla, and will continue doing so for a number of years, so Chrome was not intended as a war statement. Instead, as Siemens suggests, probably Google wants to be in a controlling position in terms of browsers because it understands the Web is the new operating system.

But things do not end here. In fact, Google Chrome is released under the Open Source license. Which means that everybody can use its code wherever and whenever they like. Including Firefox, which, in the end, might reap benefits from Chrome itself!

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