A (Massive Online) Course Architecture

From MOOC and Mookies: The Connectivism & Connective Knowledge Online Course

This is the course I’m sort of taking these days. This week has been awful with work and I couldn’t follow the flock, but hope to catch it again next week. Anyhow, this is a short presentation of what the course looks like, and the basics (very bare basics) of connectivism. I need more thought on this all, but in essence I tend to agree with the concept that knowledge being “distributed” and not “stored” in any particular “place”, where learning happens as a sort of pattern recognition when traversing a network and attaching interpretations and meaning to its nodes.

Nevermind the theories: for now, I just found out that the plain organization of the course is very inspiring. Thanks George Siemens and Stephen Downes! I already modified some of my existing courses to shape them to the architecture you’re using! And I am happy about it! (So believe my students, too.)

To know more, go to the course miniportal: http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/connectivism/. Or go to Stephen’s website www.downes.ca.

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