Twitter Tools: A Directory of Learning Professionals, Tiny Polls, etc.

Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter & more

Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter
The place to find other learning professionals to connect with

366 entries and counting …

At last I’m figuring out Twitter. And liking it, too! I love the Haiku shortness of messages, perfact for a quick recommendation you don’t need a blog post for. Or to do small things, like mini polls, etc. Fascinating to actually being able to watch how a technology evolves beyond its creators’ scope!

So, this is a great list of learning professional one may want to be associated with. Just “follow” any on them on twitter.

I also found out a nice mashup to make tiny polls via Twitter. StrawPoll – Mashup Awards

Tiny polls in 140 characters or less. Follow user @strawpoll on Twitter to vote on a new poll each day.

Of course, as soon as I post something in this blog, a Tweet is emitted to inform everybody of that. And, just to close the circle, all my tweets get included in the sidebar!

BTW, this site –Mashup Awards– seems great!

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