WordCamp(ED) in Washington DC, Nov. 22

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Just got word via the tweetvine from Dave Lester that the first ever WordCamp Ed (WordCamp Education) is happening in Washington, DC, on November 22 at George Mason University.

I’m working a lot on WordPress these days, and the ways it can be used as a platform for courses. I’ve been developing a few course-related WP-portals: nuevosmediosdigitales, the Teaching Online course, and tecnoInfoZen as well, together with talented students, and I’ve been having a lot of fun.

Plus, I’m checking out new WP themes, especially those which are magazine-like (a post on this subject soon).

So, it’s really a pity I won’t be able to attend the WordCamp(ED) in Washington, DC, on Nov. 22!

Alan Levine says there is this initiative to develop WP plugins for educators! Wow! It’s named ScholarPress… I’m checking this out, now!

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