Blackboard 2.0 hyped false hope!

From Jim Groom’s bavatuesdays

BlackBoard is such an open stud

This is classic, and it’s so bad it’s almost good, which is what scares me about it. But the misinformation campaign being run here about openness is dangerous, and the portrayal of Bb NG as “a hip stud” who gets all the hot girls because he is so Web 2.0 just tells you how much Bb mocks you, abuses you, and insults your intelligence. Looks like everything I remarked on in The Glass Bees post is playing itself out quite well, “BlackBoard Can Haz All Ur Web 2.0z!”

And now…Enjoy the video, if you can! About Openness: Video on YouTube cannot be embedded here, because “Embedding disabled by request”.


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2 Responses to Blackboard 2.0 hyped false hope!

  1. Sí, es verdad. En nuestro caso, nunca lo consideramos seriamente, y adoptamos Moodle. El software social me parece excelente para muchas ocasiones, pero la estructuración que te ayuda a conseguir una plataforma es bien interesante. La pregunta sería: ¿Queremos esta estructura?

  2. Luis Benitez says:

    Que has escuchado de BlackBoard? En mi experiencia muchas universidades estan optando por el software social para modernizar sus ofertas de aprendizaje virtual…

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