The Fluent Self helps when you’re stuck

The Fluent Self

Of course, Havi Brooks works in Oregon (Portland). She has a consulting business worth looking at, seriously. First, the website and blog is very simple, elegant and functional. Second, she deals with people, she chats with people. Third, she loves writing.

Havi has a business which helps people find their way with personal projects that are somehow stuck. This is why she invented the Destuckification and the Biggification processes:

Destuckification: working on the stuff that’s really keeping you from moving forward, calming you the heck down and dissolving some of the stucknesses.

(Some people call this coaching which would make me and my duck coaches. We prefer to think of ourselves as a compassionate but practical fairy armed with some especially potent wacky wonder-dust and a duck.)

Biggification: the art and science of promoting the wonderful thing you have to give to the world. What to do, how to do it, how to feel okay about it (and maybe even get EXCITED about it!)

(Some people call this marketing which would make me and my duck marketing consultants. We prefer to think of ourselves as mindful biggifiers.)

I like the way she explains the kind of people who may enjoy working with her for a bit of self exploration, and how a “session” with her works. Visit Havi’s The Fluent Self!

She says:

We bring the insights, intuitive abilities and the magic. You bring the stuck. It works. It’s also usually kinda fun.

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