Bavatuesdays and the Art of Poster Making

Black Sunday by bavatuesdays. bavatuesdays is a great blog by Jim Groom. What is it about? Education, of course, with a tint of macabre b-movies like Mario Bava’s old terror ones in black and white. In this post, Jim shows a poster:

Justin Toney created his science poster for the class with Glogster, and I think he did so to some great effect—I dig the aesthetics of it. Imagine that, a web-based science poster that isn’t a progeny of PowerPoint! You can see the full version here.

Gorgeous poster and splendid idea. We should call this, the age of Perpetual Tools. Let’s see this Glogster tool, ok?

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2 Responses to Bavatuesdays and the Art of Poster Making

  1. Thanks for your reply, Jim! This reminds me of a high school professor (of Geography) who taught us of Bava’s kitsch art and introduced us to Dario Argento!
    Lowly education bloggers, unite!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Why thank you kindly, Antonio. I do love b-movies and don’t blog them nearly enough, Mario Bava is so fun to watch, nd that poster with Barabra Steele says it all! One day I’m going to break free of this edtech phase, and will emerge a full blown fan-fiction Italian b-movie horror blogger extraordinaire, until then, though, I’m just a lowly education blogger 🙂

    I’m glad you liked Justin’s poster, I think it’s awesome, and was excited to see a tool like Glogster put to such great effect.

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