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Like many, with the use of Twitter I lost the habit of bookmarking through delicious. I mean, when I tweet on some website, I often forget to store it with delicious.  On the other hand, doing both things every time I need to store a bookmark *and* to share it via Twitter seems awkward. Blog CivicActions came to help: in a post titled Twitter Hack, it says:

[…]figured out another hack that integrates my tagging workflow to include posting to Twitter.

* Tagging bookmarks on with “tweet”
* Pull the RSS feed of your bookmarks tagged “tweet”
* Set up a Tweetburner account
* Add the feed to tweetburner and have it post to your twitter account.

So now if I want to bookmark something and share it on twitter, I need only tag it with “tweet”. I still use Twurl for things that I don’t want to bookmark but do want to share.

This seems to solve my problem. My new routine is then done! Interestingly, note the RSS role here as glue of the Web; same role I had with sending my bookmarks with notes to this blog, at midnight, every night.

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  1. I actually don’t feel like TweetBurner is quite as fine as painted here for this purpose. So, I switched to TwitterFeed. In an hour or so, I’ll know!

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