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Wordle – Sappho

Sappho's Wordle

Wordle is a great tool for text analysis. It makes beautiful graphical compositions of words/tags. I discovered it thanks to Jim Coe and Tom Woodward’s blog, Bionic Teaching. Enjoy the Wordle from a few of Sappho’s poems.

And enjoy these everlasting ones:

The sinking moon has left the sky,
The Pleiades have also gone.
Midnight comes–and goes, the hours fly
And solitary still, I lie.

Turn to me, dear one, turn thy face,
And unveil for me in thine eyes, their grace.

In doubt I am, I have two minds,
I know not what to do.

Now Love, the ineluctible, with bitter sweetness
Fills me, overwhelms me, and shakes my being.

(From The Poems of Sappho, translated by Edwin Marion Cox [1925])

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