Darwin and the evolution of the British

A few days from today will be Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday (12th of February). I guess he’d feel not easy at all, for two reasons:

  1. According to a very recent poll in the UK (the UK!!), 51% of Brits does not believe the theory of evolution. On the contrary, they think a “designer” necessarily produced the extraordinary complexity of our world.
  2. “Only” 32% however, believe a “designer” or god, did create the world some 10,000 years ago.

I am really amazed at how a civilized and culturally rich country has grown a population who doesn’t believe in science’s greatest and most wonderful accomplishment. It must mean education in the UK has failed miserably. Or, there is also a brainwashing system which, starting from very young age, creates the minds of the believers in creationism and other isms.

But this is not all: another poll revealed one third of UK’s teachers thinks creationism must be taught in school.

From The Daily Telegraph (31 January 2009).

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