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Again, these are troubled times for facebook. After the massive protest over the changes imposed upon its members which severely restricted their privacy and content rights, facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg proposed the initiative of a referendum (16th April) on its terms and conditions. Members can approve them, or propose changes. However, the vote is valid only if 30% of all active users participates (deadline is April 23rd), which would mean about 60 million people. In so short a period it is simply impossible for such a numerous gruop to vote… also considering facebook has not been promoting the vote on its website.

This led London-based Privacy International, a watchdog on privacy, to state that

facebook vote is a massive confidence trick and a publicity stunt.

I continue being appalled by facebook’s lack of understanding of (1) its users’ sensibility and (2) current Web 2.0 trends in social networking. Which means we must take some action!

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