Casino Royale

The original Casino Royale (1967) is so bad, it’s almost great! There’s fun in this psychedelic movie from John Huston et al, spoofing James Bond 007. The immortal Peter Sellers is James Bond (“My goodness it’s a strong shampoo!”, and David Niven is James Bond too. A kiddish Woody Allen is 007’s son Jimmy Bond, turned supervillain: “What if I said I was pregnant?” he implores the firing squad! Then there’s Orson Welles (with his cigar) as the villain from Smersh, and Ursula Andress (same blonde from the “real 007”). An appearance of Peter O’Toole with her reminds of “Hello Pussycat”. Even Jean-Paul Belmondo is here! And don’t miss John Huston himself in the role of “M”. Note the misspelled names on this fan trailer.

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