Symposium. Science & Web 2.0: A Dialogue

Symposium “Science & Web 2.0: A Dialogue”

And now, it’s minus four days to the Symposium: Science & Web 2.0 to be held at Sagrado Corazón, May 15th, 8:00am-1:00pm. Registration is free through!

Get there early, and enjoy Mike Wesch‘s keynote Mediated Culture / Mediated Education:

It took tens of thousands of years for writing to emerge after humans
spoke their first words.  It took thousands more before the printing
press and a few hundred again before the telegraph.  Today a new
medium of communication emerges every time somebody creates a new web application.  A Flickr here, a Twitter there, and a new way of
relating to others emerges.  New types of conversation, argumentation,
and collaboration are realized.  Using examples from anthropological
fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, YouTube, university classrooms, and
“the future,” this presentation will demonstrate the profound yet
often unnoticed ways in which media “mediate” our conversations,
classrooms, and institutions.  We will then apply these insights to an
exploration of the implications for how we may need to rethink how we
teach, what we teach, and who we think we are teaching.

Then, Daniel Altschuler‘s keynote will be “Web 2.0 Comentarios en torno al uso y abuso del WWW” (Web 2.0 Comments about the use and abuse of the WWW).

After a short break, we’ll have a discussion panel, where three distinguished colleagues form the education/science community in Puerto Rico will comment the keynotes with the audience: Mario Núñez (UPR Mayagüez, Juan Meléndez (UPR Río Piedras) and José Córdova (USC).

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