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Art & Science and Teresita Fernández

I just learned (What It Really Takes to Be an Artist on BrainPickings) that artist Teresita Fernández, recipient of a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship for her work (see her monograph, Blind Landscape) made an outstanding commencement speech at Virginia Commonwealth University … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objections

“What difference does it make what you call it?” Indeed, why is it so important to pay attention to the definitions we use, and use them accordingly? This is what Neil Postman is talking about when he pushes a colleague … Continue reading

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Zen of Teaching Interview with Trace Jordan

[NYU, June 2012] Like with previous interviews, the awesome Gabriela Rivera Torrado has carefully reviewed the video and summarized its most important points here. Trace Jordan is a scientist and distinguished professor at New York University (NYU). He is also … Continue reading

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Rasperry Pi, not Pie

Doing a bit of backlog reading of @dreig’s posts at El Caparazón, I just viewed this video. Watch it, buy the Raspberry Pi for $25, because it is a full computer with HDMI output and join the Scratch community by … Continue reading

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Chicken, Chicken, Chicken: Mother of all Presentations

Everyone was laughing, except me. Since 2007, when Doug Zongker, a software engineer at Google, published a seminal paper honoring those who had suffered going through an inscrutable scientific talk, and made a memorable presentation. I mean, how is it … Continue reading

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