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The cultivation of curiosity

Institutions of learning should be devoted to the cultivation of curiosity. –A. Flexner Abraham Flexner conceived and developed the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and was its founding director from 1930 to 1939. A unique place, that was able … Continue reading

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Saturn, 75 minutes ago

The planet Saturn is at its closest to the Earth, at some 1,350 million kilometers. A spectacular image has been shot at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico [by Efraín Morales Rivera and provided by the Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe]: here. This … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objections

“What difference does it make what you call it?” Indeed, why is it so important to pay attention to the definitions we use, and use them accordingly? This is what Neil Postman is talking about when he pushes a colleague … Continue reading

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